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WrestleReg – Eliminating Hassles for Tournament Directors

WrestleReg is short for wrestling registration, and is our solution for moving from sharing your tournament information online to collecting the entries and registration fees online too. We've put together a process that is designed to make the registrations part of your tournament hassle-free.

In the 2009-2010 wrestling season WrestleReg successfully registered thousands of wrestlers.
Tournament directors tell us they found our tournament admin function for tracking, editing, and downloading wrestlers was intuitive, simple, and reliable.


WrestleReg Benefits to Tournaments

  • WrestleReg is low cost way to register and receive payment for wrestlers online WrestleReg charges $2.00 per online registrant (for tournaments with a registration fee over $30.00 the charge may be slightly higher)

  • You can choose to use WrestleReg as the only way to accept registrants or you can use WrestleReg and continue to accept traditional paper entry forms.
  • No-hassles setup - our staff takes your form and creates the online registration for your tournament
  • Send an email message to all your tournament registrants with one click
  • Web-page link sent back to you (or your designee) for inclusion on the website(s) that announce your tournament
  • Secure and easy on-line payments accepted as wrestlers register - no more piling up checks and cash around the house hoping you don't lose them before they get deposited
  • Reduce the number of bad checks you receive
  • Eliminate registration errors due to unreadable handwriting, or mis-marked entry forms
  • Greatly reduce registration errors due to data entry
  • Access to registrant information
  • Easy and flexible download of entry files. Choose tab or comma delimited, separate files for each division, or all entrants in one file
  • Choose whether to publish or keep private your tournament online registrants

WrestleReg - Eliminating Hassles for Wrestlers

When the wrestler, parent or coach find your tournament online, they simply click the "Register Now" link and they'll be put into the registration pages for your tournament. Here they'll select their division, and their weight class, and fill out the address and phone information, check that they've read the waiver, and make their payment.

WrestleReg Benefits to Wrestlers and Parents

  • no-hassles registration - no more worrying if your entry got there on time

  • secure and easy payment choices - all major credit and debit cards accepted
  • simple and accurate registration process


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